Univox Ltd is a marketing and business development consultancy with a broad reach. We have many years’ hands on experience of working for organisations of all sizes operating in the UK, throughout Continental Europe, North America and beyond.

Our range of business support services cover the requirements of both private and public sector enterprises and are designed to ensure you achieve your organisational objectives.

Business Support Services

Supporting your in-house team, we can provide

marketing – strategy development and implementation, more

start-ups – providing holistic support, more

commercial services for the public sector,- procurement, recruitment and more

business development – planning, delivering and following up more

New markets

Our international market entry services ensure that you are ready to launch and grow your overseas markets.

We help you map your opportunities, ensure you get your resources right, develop the action plan and ensure a successful launch.

In 2016 we teamed up with Coventure Partners in Toronto to set up ‘Crossings’ specifically to help exporters and those thinking about it.

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Destinations and Tourism

We provide assistance with tourism management and destination development especially for smaller and evolving tourism destinations.

We provide domestic and overseas marketing for tourism businesses and destinations in the UK and elsewhere.

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