Business Development

To generate business we help by

  • developing/growing your prospect database through: active list building, competitions and promotions requiring respondents to leave their details, etc
  • running email and print mailing campaigns
  • contacting past clients to encourage repeat business
  • devising loyalty schemes and encouraging upselling
  • promotional events, from open days and taster sessions to trade shows/exhibitions

Promotional campaigns

  • local partnership promotions
  • open days/taster sessions
  • recruitment and fundraising drives
  • competitions and prize draws


  • conferences and workshops
  • product/service launches
  • trade shows and exhibitions
  • road shows
  • musical tours and festivals

Generating funds

  • through finding the right complimentary partners to share the cost of events
  • ensuring that partners achieve their objectives as well and are willing to participate in future events

We know the time and effort required to get an event right – from managing the set up on location to publicity and social media to support the event, to sponsor recruitment, effective follow up, etc.

The detail counts in the preparation, during the event (to ensure you get all the prospect information you need) to the follow up. We’ll set up a process to help you.

Social media marketing

  • (re)defining the goals you can achieve by using social marketing as part of your overall communications and marketing strategy
  • assessing which platforms are most suitable for reaching your target audiences
  • developing the social marketing plan, including investment levels
  • determining the criteria by which success can be measured in the short, medium and longer term