Tourism management

The UK tourism industry is one of the country’s largest and  best performing, according to the ONS in 2014. It provides 3.1 m jobs (over 9.6% of the UK workforce) and contributes £127bn to the UK economy (9% of GDP). It is also one of the most resilient industries, growing faster than most others in the years 2009 – 13 and providing additional employment at almost twice the rate of other industries during that time.

The tourism industry of any destination encompasses the many obvious ones, from major hotels and conference centres to attractions and guest houses. It also includes related businesses that benefit from tourism: retail, entertainment, leisure facilities, transport and banking and many support services. There are also other major players who can benefit from tourism and tourism promotion, either directly or indirectly, for example universities and inward investment agencies who are interested in attracting domestic and international students/businesses, etc.

In order to bring the various elements together and find common ground for promotions and publicity it requires some ‘seed money’ and a co-ordinator. This should be someone who understands how tourism promotion works and who speaks the language of the industry is needed to manage the common interests of the tourism industry in order to find avenues for promotion that enough people will buy into to make it succeed and then manage that activity.

We can undertake this co-ordination function for you and you decide how much you want to keep in house and what you want to outsource. We will act seamlessly on your behalf.

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These services are designed for the following organisations

  • local government
  • destination marketing
  • city and town management
  • others interested in tourism development